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McLaren's "Whatever it Takes" initiative, unveiled for the 2024 season, traces its roots back to their remarkable performance in 2023. With a sharp ascent up the grid in the season's latter half, McLaren showcased their commitment to excellence, particularly evident in their flawless pit stops. Their crowning achievement came during the Qatar Grand Prix, where they shattered records with an astonishing 1.80-second pit stop. This momentous feat underscored McLaren's unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and achieving unparalleled success on and off the track.


Created in cooperation with McLaren Racing to commemorate the 1.80 world record fastest Formula 1 pit stop achieved by the McLaren crew during the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix.


Poster Size: 500x700mm

Technology: 3D modelling and CGI compositing

Production: High-quality offset print

Material: Premium heavyweight 175 g/m2 paper

Paper finish: Matte, textured paper

Shipping: Ships in a protective tube to ensure safe delivery

McLaren Formula 1 Team - 1.80 - World Record Fastest Pit Stop - 2023

  • For all of our posters we use high quality off-set printing, premium paper, and vibrant color reproduction that stands the test of time – just like the cars themselves. Each one is limited and labeled with a special hologram sticker to denote its authenticity.

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