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Tour de France Automobile / 11-20 September 1964


In a race that covered the whole of France—a road section of 6000 kilometers, 9 hill climbs, and 10.5 hours of racing on every famous circuit in the country—two Belgians took home gold for the Italians in a Ferrari.

Here we see the winning team of Lucien Bianchi and Georges Berger in their silver and yellow 250 GTO, fight for position over Claude Dubois and Marquis Philippe de Montaigu, somewhere in the French countryside.

Silver Stallion Racing For Victory - Artwork

  • This is one of our signature line of fine art prints, named as such because it’s created with our Unique methods and is strictly Limited to a specific number. Your print will show its unique production number and the total number of examples produced.

    *Please note at this time we do not carry stock of the Automobilist Fine Print Range. We import the pieces to specific customer order.

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